How to Store Biscotti

Keep Biscotti Crunchy for Longer

Ever wonder if you’re storing your biscotti properly? Biscotti are easily stored, but what’s the best way to store them so they stay crunchy? While there is no “right” way to store biscotti, there are some helpful tips to ensure your biscotti stays fresh for longer.

Fortunately, biscotti are very shelf-stable compared to most baked goods. Early explorers of the new world and Roman armies brought some form of biscotti; a dry baked good, twice cooked to minimize moisture so they last a long time on their exploits, since they traveled extremely well. 

The word “biscotti” derives from the old Latin word “biscoctus,” meaning “twice cooked.” Not only does the second bake make them more shelf-stable, it also gives biscotti their unique crunchy texture that makes them such a popular treat. 

In this post, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about storing biscotti, ensuring they will stay crunchy for as long as possible.

Choc chip biscotti

Should You Refrigerate Biscotti?

There is no need to refrigerate your biscotti. They’ll hold up perfectly fine on your kitchen counter or stored in a cabinet. Biscotti might even pick up food odors in your fridge, especially if they’re not in an air-tight container. You don’t want your chocolate chip biscotti tasting like garlic! 

Refrigeration can also cause biscotti to soften or become soggy because of the increased chances of condensation forming in the container.

How to store biscotti

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What Are The Best Containers for Storing Biscotti?

Generally, your biscotti will stay fresh and maintain their texture if you store them in the original Baked By Bibis packaging. You can also transfer them to different storage containers if you’re concerned about moisture, or even for aesthetic purposes. You can use plastic Tupperware containers or resealable plastic bags, but plastic is more permeable to air. 

The best containers to store your biscotti in are air-tight glass or metal containers. Have an old biscuit or cookie tin lying around? That’ll make for a great biscotti container. You can also use a cookie jar or any glass jar to keep your biscotti in, like you might see in a coffee shop. 

For repackaging biscotti and giving them out as gifts or party favors, cellophane bags make a perfect container. If you’re concerned about moisture, line your container with a paper towel that will absorb any stray moisture that finds its way into the container. This will help your biscotti stay crisp.

Fresh biscotti

How Long Does Biscotti Last?

Baked By Bibis biscotti have a shelf life of around eight months, but we recommend you always go by the expiration date on the container. If you don’t expect to finish all your biscotti within that eight month window (especially if you’re buying in bulk), freezing them is an option.

Does Biscotti Go Bad?

Unless exposed to moisture, your biscotti will not become moldy. They’re twice baked, which removes any remaining moisture from the biscuits; plus the original dough is relatively dry to begin with. They will, however, become stale and lose their crunch when they expire (after about eight months). The good news is that Baked By Bibis biscotti are so delicious that they’ll probably all be eaten by then.

Can You Freeze Biscotti?

You can absolutely freeze biscotti, which is a good trick especially if you’re buying them in large quantities online. Once again, the best containers in which to freeze biscotti are air-tight metal or glass containers. But can you freeze biscotti that are chocolate dipped or have icing on them, like our Birthday Cake Biscotti? Yes! Just make sure you line each individual biscotto with parchment paper so they don’t stick together.

Best Way to Defrost Biscotti

Defrosting your frozen biscotti is very easy. Just take them out of the freezer and wait for them to warm to room temperature. A very important step in this process that will affect the texture of the biscotti tremendously is to take them out of the container in which they were frozen. Otherwise, condensation will form inside the container and your defrosted biscotti will end up soggy.

How Can You Make Biscotti Crunchy Again?

Freezing and defrosting will change the composition of any food, including biscotti. They might end up a little softer than you’d like after you’ve defrosted them. Or, if you live in a humid environment, your biscotti might lose their crunch. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to restore that delicious texture in your oven. That’s right, baking them for a third time!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Preheat your oven to 250°F.
  2. Place biscotti on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make sure they’re standing up so that the sides are exposed, to maximize airflow, and therefore, maximize crunch.
  3. Once the oven is preheated, place the baking sheet inside. Turn off the oven, and leave the biscotti in there until the oven has cooled down. This should restore the crunchy texture of your biscotti.

We hope this post helps you keep your biscotti as fresh as possible. Since biscotti already have a long shelf-life, storing them is a no-brainer. If you decide to order in bulk from our website, it’s easy to freeze the biscotti for later consumption.

Have you tried our best-selling Baked By Bibis biscotti? We make our biscotti in traditional flavors like Chocolate Chip and Apricot. If you’re feeling more adventurous, be sure to try our Birthday Cake recipe. We have more delicious flavors on our website. Which biscotti flavor is your favorite?

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