About Baked by Bibis

It was our nagging sweet tooth, combined with a love for healthy eating that propelled my daughter Barbara and me to set up an at-home baking business. We focused on treats that would satisfy our cravings without jeopardizing our health or sacrificing taste.

It started out with just friends and family, however, with the ever-evolving food industry focusing more on health and wellness, it wasn't too long after we started that we got really busy! We quickly expanded and are proud to say today we are a true family-owned business offering a variety of healthy treats including cookie brittle, biscottis, and even muffins. All of our ingredients are simple yet high quality, gluten-free, soy-free, and free of most food allergens.

We aim to provide treats that are so satisfying, so delicious and so good for you that you won’t even know it’s healthy. With Baked by Bibis, you can now enjoy dessert guilt-free.

Remember: the greatest wealth is HEALTH. Happy crunching!